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• Tiny tots (1.5-3 yrs)
• Playgroup (3-4 yrs)
• Kindergarten (4-6yrs)
• SD (6-12 yrs)
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Pelangi School Events

Pelangi School Events

Drop-in students are embraced at Pelangi


Pelangi Drop-In Policies have been created to benefit temporary visitors to Bali who are seeking a short-term solution for their children’s education & care.


  • Drop-In can be distracting for the regular students and an extra burden on the classroom teachers. For this reason, Drop In students are accepted subject to approval from teachers and the Pelangi School director.
  • The minimum and maximum period for Drop In students at all class levels is one month or 20 school days.
  • If a child aattends Drop-In for one month and then decides to enrol full time at Pelangi School, the cost of the Drop-In can be applied towards the student’s full tuition & fees for the year.
  • Registration for Drop-In students must occur 48 hours before a child can start classes, unless otherwise agreed to by the Director.
  • All Drop-In students are required to wear Pelangi uniform. T-shirts are available for purchase from the school office.
  • Children must come to school prepared with snacks and lunch (snacks and lunch can also be ordered at Warung Bambu if paid for in advance). Due to allergies, NO PEANUTS are allowed at Pelangi School.
  • Registration and Drop-In fees must be paid in advance.
    Children will not be permitted in school unless fees are settled prior to the beginning of the Drop-In period.

  • There will be no refunds given for Drop-In tuition.

Drop-In Fees 2017-18.


Class 20 days
Tiny Tots 5,600,000
Playgroup 7,200,000
TKA & TKB* 9,250,000
SD Grades 1 – 6* 10,700,000
Registration Fee for all new drop-in students 200,000

* TKA – Class 6 compulsory 20 day min/max Drop-In periods
Further Information

An invoice will be sent once application is approved.
Payments are to be made by cash to school office, bank transfer or direct deposit to account.
Payment receipts must be given to the school office staff within two days of payment being made.
Start date will only be given once all necessary documents and signed forms are returned.


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