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• Tiny tots (1.5-3 yrs)
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• Kindergarten (4-6yrs)
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" I have been to three schools and
I like Pelangi best because I get
to be me."
(Luna, age 11)

Pelangi School Events

Pelangi School Events

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)



Pelangi School uses the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) combined with the Indonesian National Curriculum taught by teaching teams of highly qualified International and Indonesian teachers.


Pelangi School believes in the benefits of an holistic education, and, in particular giving students an opportunity to connect to their natural surroundings.  It is in this way that an inspiring and challenging learning environment is maintained, where ideas can flourish and where children can realise their full potential with the encouragement of skilled and dedicated teachers.


Pelangi students learn in English, with Bahasa Indonesia taught as the second language, enabling the students to develop speaking, listening, reading comprehension and writing skills in both languages.  Apart from the core subjects areas of Mathematics, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Science, Social Studies, Pelangi Students participate in Music, Art, Yoga and Sports.


In addition, Environmental Studies are integrated into the curriculum in all subjects from Science to the Arts. Children are encouraged to learn responsibility for their own environment by reducing, reusing and recycling waste. They are taught to be aware of the importance of water and how to use it wisely. They learn to make compost and grow their own fruit and vegetables in the school’s organic gardens, which often supply the School Café with healthy, wholesome snacks and lunches.


The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is organised into age appropriate levels.  Starting with the Early Years for our early childhood classes and Mile Posts 1, 2 and 3 for the primary years.  The IPC engages students in learning through thematic units of study, based on contemporary concepts of real interest to 21st century children.


The themed units integrate a range of subject areas, in order that students become aware of the connections to be made across learning areas and how their knowledge and understanding of the world around them, is strengthened when all the different threads of their learning are woven together in using multidisciplinary approach.  The IPC units balance theory with opportunities for inquiry and practical applications of learning.


At Pelangi School our children develop confidence, courage and a love of learning. They are taught to think independently and work collaboratively. They acquire enduring and adaptable practical skills, open and tolerant attitudes and rich memories.


These are gifts for life.


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"Our mission as a school is to
inspire creative, confident and
caring individuals with a love
of learning and life."