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Pelangi Ubud Summer Camp


Places available in
• Tiny tots (1.5-3 yrs)
• Playgroup (3-4 yrs)
• Kindergarten (4-6yrs)
• SD (6-12 yrs)
" It’s a really great school. I love it! It’s really creative and you can make many friends easily from all over the world. "
(Elijah aged 10 from Australia)

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Welcome to Pelangi School Bali

Where children love to learn

Pelangi School (Yayasan Cahaya Pelangi) is a private, not-for-profit school located in Desa Kumbuh, 10 minutes drive south of central Ubud, Bali. The natural campus, nestled in a lush green ricefield, inspires children to learn through nature and encourages awareness of their environment.

Our mission as a school is to inspire creative, confident and caring individuals with a love of learning and life. We visualize students growing up with all the resources they need to thrive and become valuable citizens of their community and the evolving world.


More about Pelangi School

Our team of qualified and dedicated international and Indonesian teachers implement the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) within the framework of the Indonesian curriculum guidelines. Teaching primarily in English with Bahasa Indonesia as a second language, Pelangi’s holistic teaching methods allow each child to be nurtured to his or her full potential. Pelangi is a community oriented school with a diverse student body and teaching faculty.


Pelangi school diversity

Our global community offers rich opportunities for cultural sharing and fosters a natural curiosity about the world. Within this multicultural community we strive to respect, listen and respond to all our students’ and families’ needs.


Join our drop in program for short term visitors to Bali!

A wonderful opportunity for your children to immerse themselves into the Ubud community and culture within a safe,
natural school environment. For more information see our enrollment page.


“Our son is amazingly confident and so aware of the world through his relationships with kids and teachers from all over the globe. I feel like his childhood has been sacred and protected because of this environment and the nurturing care of the staff and families. Academically, emotionally and socially, he is loving Pelangi School.”

Sue and John from Australia

Need Info? Download PDF's
      Academic Calendar 2017-2018
      Student Application Form. Tiny Tots - Grade 6. 2017-18
       Drop In Student Application Form. Tiny Tots - Grade 6. 2017-18
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"Our mission as a school is to
inspire creative, confident and
caring individuals with a love
of learning and life."
The Pelangi School